Stupid things to:

A. Say/Answer as a pregnant woman

B. Ask a pregnant woman

10. “I hate the fact that I didn’t get as much at my baby shower because it’s not my first” Does this mean you’re having a kid just for the stuff?

09. “Did you plan it or was it an accident?” I would punch someone like this. Why? Because even if a baby wasn’t “Planned” it is never a mistake!

08.  “Are you sure you’re only having one?” Are you sure your not just trying to call her fat?

07. ”You’re going to breastfeed, right?” Not everyone can breast feed, my mother being one. Also, some babies wont latch on, at all. I know this because my friend Jesse and his wife had a set of twin, one baby would breastfeed willingly, the other refused for 3 month before she just began to bottle feed due to not being able to ‘milk’ herself anymore to feed him.

06. “You know, eating meat is bad for the baby.” That’s like saying drinking clean water will damage your health…. Just like everything else.

05. “You’re quite hormonal.” Oh really? Fuck Off. I’m not pregnant.

04. “I thought you didn’t want kids.” Some people don’t want kids till later in life because they’re not ready. I don’t want babies because I can’t handle them. Though, it’s not as if I can actually have kids anyway, which is why I want to adopt because that way I can help a child in an orphanage by getting them out but I can also then have a child of an age I can handle, 8 years old and up.

03. “Can I touch your stomach?” Would you ask a fat person that question?

02. “How did happen?” Well, she fucked a man or got fertilized at a donor’s clinic, duh.

01. “You got pregnant without drugs?” Well, yeah…. Some people stay rather fertile until their 50’s and 60’s… Not everyone loses their fertility at the age of 39 like everyone assumes….