Hello everyone and Happy Monday!

I know, it’s been so long since the last proper article, i am so sorry! I would have written if I could have!

So, I know you’re probably wondering, “What was the fault?” Well, remember when I told you about when the engineer came out and he put a new “filter” box and a new cable in? He didn’t.

Both were new, yes. Neither were what he said. The guy had put in a normal box and put in an even longer cable than the one we already had even though he told us he was fitting a shorter cable….

Congratz Mr BT Engineer, you’re a retarded fish.

So, how did we find out about the bullshitting? Well, we found out by hiring a private engineer… Yes! More money that we had to spend to fix BT’s mess!

Whats even more annoying is the fact that we then called Sky to find out whether or not we have a good enough phone line for them to put broadband in…

What did we find out?

1. When someone is on the landline making a call, the broadband cuts out.

2. The phone line crackles even when no one is on the broadband.

3. The copper wire that links the main phone line to our house is clearly damaged which is then breaking and fucking with our internet and phone!

SO! We are going to contact BT and complain to Head office because why the hell not? It’s not as if anyone other than them are doing their fucking job!

On an even stupider note,

apparently there is now a doctor that can make a couple become each others true love in 90 days.

Bitch, I did it quicker, it took me a Jordan 5 fucking minutes.

Stupid people, taking real love for granted and saying “I Love You” when they don’t mean it like a bunch of stupid 5 year olds that don’t know what 90% of the words in a dictionary mean…..

My question of the day is:

When, Who and Why did you say “I Love You” last, and did you really mean it?

Have A Happy Monday!


Castiel ❤