As you all will most likely know I am in the process of losing weight! I have set a maximum calorie limit for myself as well as a minimum. I have thought of a way to get all the fibre, sugar and protein that I need!

I’m not doing this to lose weight as I have recently realized that weight is not an issue! I know it sounds stupid, but there are loads of people, who are heavier than me, but skinnier! How does that work? Because Muscle is heavier than fat!

So, my plan is to loose some fat but tone up a little too! I know I may not get rid of my stretch marks nor will I get rid of the excess skin that I have due to being so big, not without surgery, anyways.

Something caught my eye this week!

As you all know, I believe in freedom of expression! I am Genderfluid, I believe I should be allowed to were a suit or a dress, depending on my mind set and gender identity of the time.

I also believe that women and men should be allowed to wear any clothing that they wish to! They should be allowed to wearing something that accompanies their emotions.

Melissa McCathy thinks the same way!

She was to “empower” women to make them feel confident in her new range of clothing no matter their size! And honestly, I love this woman! Even though she is 44 and classed as “middle aged” she still dresses quite youthful! And because of her confidence she looks more radiant!

So, why do I love her so much? Because she said, “I’m trying to give women a closet that gives them some variety!”

I love this! And I love her fashion sense! Just look at her –

Melissa McCathy
Melissa McCathy

She has style and beauty, even though she has been criticised over her weight! She’s great and should be a role model to more people!

Agree? Tell me below!