So over the past week I’ve noticed how a wide range of people I know and even people who I’m friends with, has made me think about the common understanding and knowledge the average human actually knows about mental health issues. All over social networks and also in real life people are spreading posts and images relating to these illnesses, which I find to be fairly outlandish, and no way should be spread as some kind of fashion statement. People in society should not be promoting illness full stop whether mental or physically as 1 in 4 people will experience some kind of mental health problem of the course of year. This is alarming rate that people are being diagnosed, furthermore a proportion of these people will not open and willing to come out to society about the problems they face and keep hidden and untreated in some cases which led to the illness getting worse.

mental health issues should not be looked down upon but also they should not be looked upon in a light which you should be lucky if you have one. The mental health service and NHS are prescribing more drugs and other therapies such as CBT and REBT than ever before and the outcome is becoming more distressing

than positive, over 16.5 million people within society are been given anti-depressants with the last year and over a million of these people are either ‘wrongly ‘ given under a inaccurate diagnosis leading to addiction of these drugs, leaving people left in ruins after been falsely claimed for the illness.

furthermore in recent news after the 2015 election an outrage as began, a conservative candidate as pushed forward the idea of people who are dealing with mental health problems should wear wristbands signifying. Hold up? what the hell is this about? The candidate’s initial thoughts which was put forward was If individuals were given wristbands which implying which mental health issue they where dealing with this would help public services such as the police force so they know what they are dealing with. also so employers know who they are employing in legal professions. This is the most craziest policy I’ve heard the government and society should be helping and trying to people as a country we need to be providing adequate care to individuals and supporting them not blaming them. People are tending to fail too see that people with mental health issues are so much more than there condition and diagnosis but as society a majority seem to be finding it hard to look past the label which is been given.In any case the last thing sufferers of any form of ill-health want is to make everyone they meet aware of their condition. It’s hard enough when the so called mighty Katie Hopkins is calling your debilitating mental illness “a passport to self obsession” without hanging a sign around your neck.

Be the change you wish to see in this world~

Chloe c: