Hello Everyone and Welcome to A Ranty Happy Wednesday!!!

Yesterday, a lot of different things happened!

1. I enjoyed English, I listed to the first part of an audiobook of The Wasp Factory – I could have read it if I hadn’t lost my dyslexia glasses!

2. I watch Skyfall, another James Bond Film, in Media Studies due to that being one of the things that I will most likely be studying in A2 next year!

3. BT decided to be an arsehole.

So, whats been happening? Well, yesterday BT basically killed my broadband, making it impossible for me to do anything! Literally! I couldn’t write for you guys  because I couldn’t write on word and copy it onto WordPress because we’re still lacking connection.

I couldn’t talk to my boyfriend because of the lack of wifi and I couldn’t play video games.

So, what else was I supposed to do other than sit, cry and hug a teddy to make myself feel less lonely?

Well, after two hours of attempting to fix the internet, talking to Jordan through Facebook on my phone and downloading Skype to my phone and calming down so I looked a form of normal to Jordan when I started the call on my phone, my dad hung up the phone on BT after them telling us that they’d send an engineer out… Only for us then having to pay for them to come out… When THEY suggested it? Thats like my phoning tech support at 3 and then them sending someone out to fix something but then we pay them for their idea? What The Fuck?

No. So, my dad hung up on them. They called him back, attempting to make him get an engineer out. But the thing is, even if there is no fault in the house, they will charge us £130. How do I know? Because we had no connection issues on our broadband last time. However, instead of just admitting that there was a fault with their server, they charged us £130 for changing a wire…

So, who would I recommend you go with? If you’re in England, go with Plusnet, if not and TalkTalk is in your country, go with them! It will both save you money and give you a better help service!

Thanks for Reading!

Stay Safe ❤


Castiel Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX