Some laws are understandable… However, here is a list of laws that are just plan absurd!

10. Chickens Shall Not Cross The Road! – In Quitman, Georgia, some body in power has gotten sick of stupid jokes! “Why did the chicken cross the road?” He didn’t because he lives in Georgia!

9. Only Good Singers Allowed – In North Carolina, only good singers can sing as everyone who sings off key… can be sentenced to prison? Sorry, Justin Bieber, you’re not allowed here.

8. Only One – In Rhodes Island, you can only sell either a toothbrush or a tube of toothpaste on a Sunday to a single customer… So, if you’ve run out of toothpaste and broken your toothbrush all on Sunday Morning… You’re going to have to wait until Monday.

7. Fried Chicken Hands – In Gainesville, Georgia, its illegal to eat fried chicken any other way that with your hands… I didn’t think anyone would eat fried chicken with a knife and fork! How would that even be possible….?

6. Cousin Fucking – In Utah, you’re allowed to marry your cousin!… As long as you’re both over 65? Is this to stop the awkwardness of have a killer child?

5. Better Shave – In Carrizozo, New Mexico, it’s illegal for women to appear unshaven in public…. So, I can’t go to New Mexico during November because I’m doing the no shave November? I think I can handle that!

4. No Pictures Permitted – In Wyoming, it’s illegal to take a picture of a rabbit between the months January and April without a permit… Maybe because it’s almost and is spring??? I have no clue…

3. No Meat Sundays – In Washington, it’s illegal to buy meat, of any kind, on a Sunday. I could totally do that.

2. No Garlic Breath In Public! – In Indianna, it is illegal to use public transport or go to a public event within 4 hours of eating either an Onion or Garlic… I don’t blame them! If I’m on a bus, I don’t want to have to sit next to someone let alone have to smell someones icky breath!

1. “We Have Arrived! Drive Carefully!” – In Waynesboro, Virginia, it’s illegal for a woman to drive down main street unless her husband is walking in front of the car waving a red flag.

I’m just going to go watch a rabbit video or go see Minion… I need faith in the beings of Earth…

Have a Happy Tuesday,


Cas ❤