Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday!

I have put myself on a mission!

Instead of losing weight, why not tone up?

Basically, its almost impossible for my to lose weight due to constantly putting weight on in muscle! So, in an attempt to get down to my normal size 14 which I desire to be once more, I am going to do a routine of press ups, squats and more walking than ever while also cutting down on whats I’m eating and drinking!

So, here are my stats!

Height: 5″2

Weight (KG): 116 (256lb)

Underbreast (inches): 43

Waist (inches): 44

Belly (inches): 56

Now, I am also tracking my food! I have a week’s supply of pancakes and syrup which, yes isn’t the healthiest, but they’re high in sugar, which I need on a morning to be able to live!

For lunch I have a Co-Op low fat ham salad sandwich, a vimto and a packet of apples and grapes.

So far, its looking good! And to make me feel a little better, I only had around 1700 calories yesterday, that will hopefully decrease as I go, as I want to get down to around 1000 calories while still getting all the stuff I need!

If I can do that, without skipping a meal, I’ll be happy!

So, wish me luck! 30 Day to go!

Talk Soon,


Castiel Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX