A lot of things make me laugh, whether it’s the stupid people that think that stupidity is an illness… Or the Pastors that think Gays are witches…. Or maybe its stupid laws or things that are banned in specific countries!

Well, here is a little list of stupidity for you! I will do more Top 5/10 of stupid things and favourites and such!

However, this one is my top 10 stupidest ban’s worldwide!


10. Nick Clegg – In the news this week, Russia announced that Nick Clegg is the next person to be banned from entering the country! But it’s Okay Mr. Clegg, you’re not the first, and without a doubt the last, to get banned from Russia! It’s okay!

9. Valentine’s Day – It was banned in Saudi Arabia, meaning that nothing red is allowed to be sold during the holiday! Funny how the black market started to thrive even more…

8. Reincarnation Without Prior Consent – Yeah, China attempted to control the Tibetan Buddhists this way… So, they have to apply for their death certificate and reincarnation certificate at the same time??? Whaaaa….

7. Scrabble – I have no real understanding of what the prime minister was thinking about when he banned scrabble from Romania in the 1980’s… But he must have been crazy!

6. Yellow Clothing – Malaysia… Why? What’s wrong with yellow???

5. Haggis – For some odd and annoying reason, one of my favourite food is illegal to buy in America! Specifically the USA, which means that they’re not allowed to sell Sheep’s Lungs but they’re perfectly fine with selling Pig, Cow and Sheep Brain… Well Done, USA! Fuck You.

4. Ketchup – Considering France actually does produce French Fries… I feel insulted that I can not have Ketchup on my fries in france because of some stupid law….

3. McDonalds – I would happily live in Bolivia… Just because of this Law! I don’t think this ban is stupid! I just think it’s stupid that we let McDonalds exist… Icky!

2. Spanking – In Sweden neither parents or teachers are allowed to spank and punish their child physically… Which is a good thing, because people shouldn’t physically punish because it doesn’t always teach the child a lesson. This isn’t stupid! It’s stupid that it needs to be made illegal to make it stop…

1. Doctor Who – Now, this is definitely the stupidest thing I’ve found! Why did China ban this? Because they don’t want their citizens thinking of an alternative reality where their is no state government… Remind me to never live in China, it sounds like School! A place that enjoys draining the fun, creativity, imagination and joy out of life! First you ban our consoles and then you ban a big blue box and a metal pepper shaking from fighting! How dare you!