Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!

Welcome back to Happy Days!

My name is no longer Holly; I am now going by the name of Castiel! But you can call me Cas 😉

This change is due to my recent coming out to be genderfluid!

Now, I hope you’re all okay! For those like myself who have already had their AS exams, I hope you tried your best! For those who have yet to sit their A2 exams or GSCE exams! Good Luck!

Now, I’m going to tell your what I’ve done over this week holiday! I recorded YouTube with friends, so those who watch my YouTube channel will see more of Brandon and SolidSquad who now goes by MasterSolid.

I played through the first half of Dragon Age Origins and Jordan bought be Dragon Age 2! Both will have clips on YouTube! However, I will not be doing a complete play through of Origins. But on the other hand, I may do a complete play through of Dragon Age 2, due to it being a shorter game.

I will also play some medal of Honour.

Another thing that happened was obviously changing my name! I got you all to vote and I picked Castiel! I then found a way to convince my parents to let me change my legal name to Castiel.

And finally, Jordan has booked his flight to come and stay with us which means that we may produce a small documentary about the visit! We will also be producing the film if we get enough help to do it! If not then we will do it next year!

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed this small Happy Days! I will write more tomorrow, hopefully!

Talk Soon,

Cas Gutierrez


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