So often, I hear about females being blackmailed to keep a video of them preforming a sex act on Skype and it being recorded! And usually, people would then say something along the lines of “I have no sympathy!”

It makes me laugh how stupid people are! Why? Because it’s stereotypical for girls to be “stupid” enough to show their body on the internet…

So, when I heard about this guy from a friend of mine, after she had read the news, I have to admit, it made me laugh!

“I feel sorry for the old man, he shouldn’t be blackmailed like that!”

Really? You feel sorry for the moron who masturbated on skype, to a “female” who he didn’t know, nor had he ever met or seen?!

So, it’s only a girls fault when she flashes her tits on camera, but when a man does it, of any age, you feel sorry for him?

That’s like feeling sorry for me because I was a victim in a domestic violence relationship but then laughing because a male was a victim in a domestic violence relationship.

I understand, the topic isn’t something to laugh about… But would you really expect a 52 year old man to be “Stupid” enough to masturbate online?

Congratulations to the morons who think that only CHILDREN are in danger online!

No, everyone that is vulnerable, in anyway, is at danger online!

What is a vulnerable person?

  1. Someone that likes to masturbate too much,
  2. Someone who is too naïve,
  3. Someone who doesn’t understand that if you can’t see the person, the person may not be the actual person you think you’re speaking to!


So, please! Before you automatically feel sorry for this old, 52 year old, silly, icky and stupid man or the next young girl, just think… They clearly haven’t been warned nor taught about the risks of being online!


Lesson: Don’t Flash/Masturbate or have sex while being in a video call with someone you don’t know! Unless you’re okay with everyone seeing what you did and being a well-known pornstar.

Stay Safe, Everyone ♥