People, of ALL generations, usually sign up to something that is either a scam or just plainly… Not real!

I, luckily, have never done this with my personal email address. However, I did it once, on purpose, to see if I’d get any emails from confused people like I sometimes get when I email people who look like they’ve commented on one of my posts….

But haven’t!

WordPress is a place that is often full of spam comments due to bots getting a little cleverer along with the people behind them who are working them!

A pop up on Google, Bing or Yahoo (Yahoo is another search engine and some people actually use it… Apparently!) will tell you to give them your email address and name to sign up to a Newsletter or sign a partition to feed the elves in Iceland!

And you’ll do it just because you think it is legit (somehow) and BAM! Your details are all over the internet! Congratz!

So, why do they ask for your name and email address? Because having a legitimate name and email will help Bots target bloggers, Youtubers and such and make people think they’re real people!

In a way, they are! Just not the comment you replied too… That’s not real!

An example?

Here’s one! I’ve blocked the email and IP, just because we don’t want any hacker bitches to hurt this person, they probably didn’t know any better!

Silly, Silly Person!
Silly, Silly Person! Now, how do I know this is a fake and just a bot? Because normal, Non-Wordpress users…. Usually don’t have a fully established website! Nor do they leave their email AND IP!

Another thing about this comment that just screams BOT, Who The Fuck Still Uses MSN?!

What is wrong with this person?

They are clearly still in the dark age where XXX means a big pair of kissy lips… Yuck!


If this person is out there, and not only is this a bot… But they actually still use MSN… Please, go see your Doctor! They need to prescribe you Netflix and Ice Cream! It looks like you’ve missed out on all the amazing shows that have come out since 2005…. Good Luck On Your Journey, Debra!