When speaking to someone who is depressed or has attempted suicide, don’t say these things… And if you do say them, and get a sassy, sarcastic remark or get your balls ripped off or your boobs.

1. “Brighten Up” – They’re not a fucking lamp.

2. “Smile! It will never happen!” – It already happened you fucking idiot.

3. “It will get better” – How do you know? Can you see the fucking future?

4. “Stop being so sad” – Do I look sad? No, I’m fucking depressed!

5. “Be Happy” – Be Rich? Did it work? No, the its not going to fucking work.

6. “Lighten Up” – Stop making me feel so depressingly heavy then.

7. “Why did you take all those pills? You could have killed yourself!” – Oh really? I didn’t know… I was just trying to commit suicide! I didn’t know I could have killed myself…

8. “Get Over It” – How do you think I could do such a thing? Please, tell me how to get over my depression because you are clearly an expert, you fucker.

9. “It’s Just A Phase” – Thats like when my mum told me being Bisexual was just a phase… She was write, I ended up “getting worse” and becoming a lesbian! Fuck the people who actually say this!

10. “Someone has it worse than you” – Someone may not have the same problems as me nor do they have the same head wiring as me. Fuck you.

11. “Whats the problem?” – You do know that we usually have more than one “problem” that have all built up to make us depressed… Right? Fuck off, Moron. I’ll tell you when I want to tell you!

12. “You’re doing it for attention” – Says the only person that knows my true feelings and decided to put me into counselling session…

13. “What’s there to be sad about?” – Do you know my entire past? I believe not.

14. “You did this to yourself.” – No… My parents did it to me! They created me and then my life was ruined…

15. “Nothing Good Comes From Crying About It!” – Are you being fucking serious! Crying is one of the best ways to get it out! Morons…

If you have ever said something like this to a depression sufferer or someone who has attempted suicide in the past… Learn from your mistakes.

If you have never said anything like these… Congratulations! Keep up the great work!