Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

I was wondering today, as I was sat in Media….

Whether any of you had a moment of “stupidness” or “idiocy” like some of mine or some that I have heard!

So, here are 5 that I have done:

1. Ever had that moment when you haven’t peed in so long that when you get to the bathroom it feels so good when the relief kicks in that you actually sigh?

2. Ever had that moment when you questioned why someone is racist and then realise that they don’t have a reason?

3. Ever had that moment when you kick someone in the groin by accident only to realise you actually wanted to do it?

4. Ever had that moment when you’re sat in a class room, while another class is running, and you see people bullying someone and you just start thinking of mean things to say to the bully?

5. Ever had that moment when you fall down the stairs, get knocked out for a few minutes, and then realise that nobody saw you so it’s not as embarrassing as you originally anticipated?


Now, mine are somethings that are pretty basic!

However, the following ones have been moments I have witnessed but not been the person fucking up.

Here is their top 5 fuck-ups:

1. Ever had that moment when you attention seek and “totally had the same hallucination” as a real clinically depressed person?

2. Ever had that moment when you asked a suicide survivor why they took all those pills because of the risk of killing themselves?

3. Ever had that moment when you totally don’t realise that you’re bullying someone who has never done anything wrong to you but you refuse to say anything mean to the people that are making your life miserable?

4. Ever had that moment when you fake an illness to make someone feel sorry for you so they will date you?

5. Ever had that moment when you know someone is in a relationship and happy but you ask them for sex anyways only to get mad when you get rejected?


Right, I know most of you would have probably thought of the same things for the first 5 as me and you’ve probably done them because they’re more normal than those below.

However, the second set of 5 are things that happen and honestly, I don’t really believe nor do I want to think about whether some of you have done any of these awful things!

I don’t think any of you would have because you’re all pretty damn perfect, and I’m not saying you don’t have flaws because to me, thats not what perfection is.


So, why did I think of these things?

Because these have happened to me and honestly, if any of these things have happened to you, you’ll understand!



Anyways, on another subject, tonight’s Let’s Rant is on Body Image and how it is presented in the Media but also how “normal” people present it!


Thanks For Reading!

Have a Happy Wednesday,

Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX