Hello everyone and Happy Monday!
So, last week my mum got a really cheap quote from a decorator, so he’ll be painting our living room, kitchen, bathroom, hall and stairway, my room and my dad’s room.
And then I asked Jordan if I could use some of our spendings, for when he comes to visit, to buy a TV! He said yes and now I’m buying at 32inch white Bush tv for my room. I’m having to buy a unit to put it on also… Im also buying a new set of bedside units and I’m buying myself a wardrobe because I haven’t had one since mine broke and fell to pieces (literally) in 2010….
So, to get my room painted I had to empty it, or move most things….
And heres the result:



Empty room, it actually echoes more now which is weird…

But, it will look nice when its all in I think.

Have a great Monday!
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Thank you

Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX