Recently, I have been getting a lot of comments recently asking how I am such a “good blogger” and honestly, I’m not… I’m just a blogger, not good, just a blogger.

However, there are some tips I can give to those who wish to know how to blog well!

So, here are my top 5 times:


1. “What is the best blogging platform?”

This isn’t because its the one I’m on, it’s because they offer more security and flexibility and they offer more help than others.

I can guarantee that even a ‘live’ chat on another website won’t get you as much help as that that you will receive from this websites support team!


2. “How do you get so many views?” We don’t! We get around 50-100 views per day, around 30-60 likes a day and around 10 to 20 comments!

We would love to get more views but people tend to forget to share articles to social media and a few months ago one of our readers actually accused me of “over advertising myself” by telling me that constantly asking for people to remember to share is inappropriate for a healthy community….

No. But! I did stop being it took a long time to constanty write that! But I may just put an automatic reminder unless some of you beautiful people remember to start sharing so our community can grow?

So, why do we get a good number of views? Doubling, in fact, last years stats?

Maybe because we talk about specific contents and maybe because we use relevant tags? I don’t know!

3. “What advice would you give to writers who want to begin blogging?”

I would say, start a blog on wordpress for free!

Write once a week or once a day, guest author on a blog or website, which we offer!

And to ignore people who are arseholes towards you unless you’re targeting a specific person or group of people!

4. “How do you inspire yourself to write about boring things like politics?”

To me, politics, yes it’s boring, but a lot of people in politics annoy me because it was people like them that told me I couldn’t be a politician due to my lack of knowledge on how to read.


So, for me, I learnt how to write through being annoyed, enraged or inspired.

Due to my background, politics is something that I was brought into due to my disabled father being very affected on many occasions due to the government!

So, my advice is, write about something you know about! Don’t write about something you don’t know about because if you do and you get caught out… You’ll look like an idiot.


5. “How do you build a good and big community?” You don’t need a big community to have a good one!

To have a good community is one that will interact with you and comment, like and share your posts along with emailing you in contact forms and making sure YOU’RE okay!

Treat them right and they’ll treat you the same if you’re lucky.


Thanks for reading! If you enjoyed hit the like button, comment below and follow for more! And if you want us to be able to make more of this, please share because the only way we’ll be able to make a living out of this hobby is to get enough views to actually get a few pennies!

A little share, once or twice a week will go along way to help us spend more hours for you to have a few minutes of reading each day!