Right, the next person that applies for a writing position but then doesn’t seem interested at all is just going to be blocked from my email.

One person called Jaden has applied twice, one on Gumtree and the other through the wrong contact form… He didn’t reply to my response on Gumtree and he has provided me with a fake or incorrect email address for the other.

If someone knows him or if you are reading this Jaden and you just wrote it wrong and don’t reply to gumtree messages, then email me at live.love.laugh.magazine@Gmail.com

We may only be an organisation to help people and we may not get paid for what we do, but this is my life along with others.
Do not mess this community about, you’re either with us, against us or flying out the window.

I only hire people I think I can trust. And my trust levels are going down for some people.

Sorry for such a bad note this morning, I just can’t be bothered with people just messing us about because we’re volunteers. We still work hard, we just don’t get paid…. Yet.

Love you, guys(not just the males but the females it is my plural ;-))

Talk soon,
Holly ❤

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