Today, I shall be counting the top 5 things that David Cameron and the Tories have done wrong!
P.S. There are a lot more than this…. But these are the ones that pissed me off most.

1. If I am correct, around 30% of disabled people in the UK are ex army service men who are on disability allowence due to being unable to work. And to show his respect, David Cameron is taking away their disability car away! Yay? No. If you have a disability allowence you are entitled to trade in the benefit for a car so that you can get around and not sit at home like a cabbage. Unfortunately for disabled people like my dad, who was made disabled by the NHS, he is losing his car, which my mother drives, making it virtually impossible for him to leave the house.

2. London to Leeds Train, this idea sounded good until the Tories refused to buy the land they were destroying, instead they kicked off the people whose houses were on the land and gave them £12,500 compensation… I don’t know how they can buy a new home with that little money… But it may cover their rent for a few months.

3. Fox hunting is going to be legalized again…. -.-
We all voted to make it illegal and now the Tories are like “lets make it legal!” why? What did Mr Fox do to you? I actually think Farage was correct, it shouldn’t be legalized! However, neither should marriage rape.

4. “I’m going to make gay marriage legal!” only to then fill his cabinet with ANTI-GAY MPS! Including placing a women, who had voted AGAINST gay marriage TWICE, to be the “Minister of Equality”… She’s not that Fucking equal now, is she?

And finally,
5. Mr Cameron, if you’re truly going to be an arse and basically ruin everyones lives, more so of our main community (disabled and LGBT), then at least don’t do one thing…
Shake hands with a Fucking pastor who believes in witchcraft and is Anti-Gay!
I’m pretty sure that’s how the witch trials started!
“why can that person talk to spirits?”
“I don’t know.”
“lets kill them…”

Well done, Mr Idiot Cameron, Well Fucking Done.