Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!

I, right now, am sat in a class waiting to go home.

I got to college around and hour ago and in an hour I will be leaving… Why couldn’t my lesson just be cancelled? Like, seriously, I could have slept in until 10am and then done revision and played video games and recorded! But no, lets wake Holly up at 6am for her to go to college for one fucking lesson!

This is probably one of the most pointless things I have ever done because we’re not doing anything in the lesson. I’m just sat here, writing to you people!

“Do revision!” No, I can’t revise until its afternoon, it’s the way my head works!

I’m sorry, I can’t revise at 8:30am like you weird fuckers who probably didn’t revise at this time when you were going through exams!


And now, my teacher is sat next to me questioning whether or not she should have cancelled the lesson…

Yes, you should have, I could have slept!



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Talk soon,

Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX