Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

So, something happened today which pissed me off extremely.

I bumped into my old English teacher. Now, for some it would have been nice as a lot of A grade students liked her. However, if you were unable to read or spell very well, you’d be hated by her like I was and clearly still am. Today, I didn’t have time nor did I have effort, so I went to my local mini-mart (Small Supermarket) and bought a meal deal, which for those who are weird and want to know what it is 😉 I got a Chicken Salad Sandwich in brown bread, a packet of seedless grapes and a Vimto still bottle of juice, and when I was getting to the check out my old English teacher came up behind me in the cue and decided to talk to another former student of hers, one that used to be in my class. However, if she’d come up to me, this is probably how it would have gone down…

“Hi Holly, how are you doing?”

“I’m fine, thanks. How are you?”

“Oh, I’m great! So, how was exam result day? I hope it wasn’t too bad with your bad grades.”

“Actually, most of my grades came back as C’s and B’s.”

“Haha, really? I was told you got a D in your English exams! You must have been told wrong!” *laughing*

“Actually, I got a high B in both, I was two marks away from an A in one and seven marks away in the other.”

*Looks at me shocked* “How?”

*Laughs* “Because I had a great media teacher who is also an English teacher and he taught me everything you didn’t.”

*Gulps* “Well, what are you doing now?”

“I’m the founder of a non-profit organisation that is based on writing and helping people with issues in their life such as looking after a disabled parent like me and having to struggle with a heartless bitch like you, telling me that looking after my father was wrong.

I’m also an English, Media, Photography and Film student at Pontefract New College.”

*Gulps* “That’s nice.”

“Yeah, it is. Now, move along you old bag.”

Now, this is what i would have wanted to say but she was too busy licking the immature balls of an A grade student who cheated in his exam.

So, why would I be so cruel to her?

For two reasons,

1. She told me I would fail all my exams due to my lacking of being able to both read and write.

2. She told me I would amount to nothing in life and fail everything I do because I’m a carer for my dad. Bearing in mind that at the time my dad was suffering from kidney failure and I was the one keeping him alive by making sure he was taking his medication and eating.

So, why was she like this with me? But not with anyone else? Because I forgot to hand in homework every now and again? Because I couldn’t and wouldn’t read out in class? Because I insisted that my Dyslexia glasses weren’t “Sun Glasses”? Or maybe it was because I had to leave early on occasion or because I had to miss lessons? or maybe she just had a pure hatred for me.

But what I’m going to say is, don’t give up. Never give up and to all the people that have said that you’ll fail, screw them! They are clearly failing in life if they think that they’re better than you or think that such a beautiful person like yourself is going to fail!

Work hard, keep determined and surround yourself with people as wonderful and beautiful as you!

I believe in you,


You are a part of this community, you have helped us build it and expand it and make it something to be proud of!

To those who needed this little pep-talk, you’re welcome. And to those who just needed a little someone to have faith in them, you have me.

I hope you all have a Happy Wednesday!

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Talk Soon,


Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX