Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!

Today is May Day and it’s Minions 10th week old birthday!

I know it’s not a big milestone but it is to us as we still don’t know for sure whether He is actually a He…

The vet couldn’t gender him very well due to no testicles being present last weekend so we’re taking him back in two weeks to get him checked again! If he is a He, we will not be surprised as he acts like the stereotypical male rabbit! However, if he is actually a She…. Well, he will be still called Minion, we’ll just change his “him”‘s to “her”‘s!

So, I have just cleaned out his cage, so here he is.

[The video will be up shortly! If you are the first to get here, just give it 10 minutes and pop back! Youtube is being slow today! XD]


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