On Thursday I went to the doctors to receive an injection when I was told that I had gained 5KG in three months! Which is a lot compared to the half a KG that I gained in the three month before.

So, what has changed, since then? Firstly, I have been put on more medication that makes me gain weight! Now, whose fault is that? Mine or my doctors? For me being ill or them giving me some medication that can affect my weight?

Well, its not my fault, as someone who can not exercise too much due to bad joints and such I try my best to do as much exercise as I can, whether that is by walking a lot or doing weights.

And food wise, I eat vegetables and fruit, chicken is my main meat and I have salad or salad sandwiches at college.

The only piece of food that I do eat that can be considered slightly unhealthy is oat and raisin cookies…. Oats are healthy, so are raisins but by putting them into cookies and adding a little sugar they become devil spawn apparently!

Now, why am I being called fat? Because I’m 17 and I’m around 16 or 17 stone. I’m on my injection and on three other medications that make me put weight on.

But now, I have been out matched by a 10 year old boy who weighs 8 stone more than me!

What the fuck?

This kid is apparently healthy but just enjoys food….. How can you be 24.6 stone at the age of 10?!


What’s your opinion on this?

Look at the article here >>> http://metro.co.uk/2015/05/02/a-boy-at-a-british-primary-school-weighs-over-24-stone-according-to-national-child-measurement-programme-5178245/