Suicide is a touchy subject for me due to having lost people to it.

However, them committing suicide is not the thing that annoys me about the subject.

If you have read my blog before or any pieces of the magazine, you’ll know I have gotten a lot of annoying and stupid comments from people, I have had people call me a lot of awful names but due to my mind set, it doesn’t bother me anymore unless its said by a family member or my partner.

So, I’m lucky to be this way now, I’m stronger than I used to be even though I do have my own depression moments!

But, I had a comment on the “Mental Health – We All Have It!” saying that every depression sufferer will commit suicide at some point!

Luckily, the comment was in the spam box, meaning that it wasn’t visible to the nice comments that everyone else had posted!

So, the comment was along the lines of –

“Everyone who has mental health will commit suicide! Everyone with depression will commit suicide like the emo faggots that they are! Only cowards commit suicide! It’s survival of the fittest.”

Now, this didn’t bother me, if anything it made me laugh! And I didn’t laugh because I thought suicide was funny or that they mentioned a specific life style and social group. I laughed because of their lack of knowledge and their stupidity.


First, EVERYONE has Mental Health, it is Mental Illness that causes some people to commit suicide. If everyone with Mental Health committed suicide, the author of this comment would be one of the “Cowards” along with the other 7 Billion people on this planet.

Secondly, everyone with depression does not commit suicide, myself and more are examples of this! Some may have such bad depression to be mentally unstable and be suicidal, which I will admit, I was for around 6 out of 10 of my deep depression years. But not EVERYONE with Depression commits suicide. Not everyone needs to and not everyone has the guts to and there are a lot of other factors that may stop people from doing it.

Thirdly, I am not an “Emo” and neither were any of my friends who have committed suicide. They were “normal” people who wore baggy jeans, t-shirts and sneakers.

Another thing, linking to the third point, Faggots? Really? Do you know what Faggots are? Faggots are Welsh meatballs! Are you implying, by calling these tasty faggots Emo, that they are burnt? Or are they dyed with food colouring to be black? I’m very curious to know.

Fourthly, “Only Cowards Commit Suicide”, oh really? And how did you come to that conclusion? Did you see someone commit suicide without fear or did you see someone commit suicide because they were afraid of life?

Honestly, if someone commits suicide, they were not a Coward! To take your own life is like doing something that you are afraid of and timing that by 10!

People who attempt suicide but back out, they are the “Cowards”, they’re the ones who think that the world doesn’t want them but is too afraid of death to kill themselves, and before anybody takes offence, I stated I had attempted! And on my last time, I almost succeeded until my partner, who was just my best friend at the time, convinced me to stop. And every time before that occasion, I had stopped due to being scared of death.

I stopped and failed each attempt because I was afraid of death, I was a Coward and I’m happy I was!

However, killing yourself does not make you a coward! It makes you fearless and brave, and by stopping yourself, you are just as brave because either way it is scary.

And finally, “Survival of the fittest.” Fucking really?

You’re not going to survive if a bus runs you over.

You’re not going to survive if you kiss a bullet at 1700mph.

You’re not going to survive with a mind as stupid as yours.

Are you one of the people that thinks Stupidity is an illness and you need drugs to help you? Is that why you’re on LSD?


Congratulations on being a stupid motherfucker, I am rather happy that nobody saw the comment, it was allowed on the site but someone reported it which is why it was then spammed! And to those who did see it, I am very sorry!

To those that didn’t but have seen this, if you have been through a suicidal stage in your life or have lost someone due to suicide, this article is purely to mock the person a little, I won’t name them because I’m not that cruel!

However, I am also serious about this!

It isn’t the ones who commit suicide that are the cowards, its the people that force them to commit!

People say that nobody is forced to do anything but we are all influenced to do things! Whether we are influenced to be good people or we are influenced to feel bad about ourselves!

We’re all influenced whether it be by our friends, family or society!

And I just want to say, if any of you are going through something like this, I am happy to talk to you about it! Go to the Contact Us page and find a way that you would like to talk!


I’m always here!

Stay as strong as usual. Stay Safe ❤