Hello Everyone and Happy Monday!

Now, some of you have entered the give-away! And we still have a lot of cards left!

The reason for this is that Jordan and myself both like playing Pokémon Cards, but not online because it’s just weird!

So, we will email you the code that you win, you’re all going to get at least one but if you like a Pokémon that is also mine or Jordan’s favourite, you may get two!

How to enter, below is a contact sheet! It asks for your email, name, age, in-game name and your favourite Pokémon, fill it out to enter!



Yes, this is all I have for you today but I needed to get it out to you and being sleepy due to not sleeping yesterday, due to my hospital visit, I’m tired and have nothing else to say but I want to sleep!


So, I hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the give-away if you want some cool rare cards online!

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Talk Soon,

Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX