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So, this article is a little different to the others that I have done for Let’s Rant due to the lack of formality! But this is for two reasons!

1. I will be giving away some Pokémon Online Trading Cards Codes (Details will be at the end of this article!

2. I want your opinion on a new story idea that I think sounds better than the last one!

Anyways, without further a do, enjoy the introduction!

Tessie: The Beginning Of The End.

“I wish I had a choice. A choice to be different or a choice to be more normal, to be more like others my age.

But no, I’m the Harvester. I feel death, literally.

Worst thing about it, I can’t actually die.”

Tessie Cortez was born at the beginning of The Day of The Dead, only to die at the end of it.

Her mother bargained with Death for her life. And she won, she got Tessie back, at a price.


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