Hello Everyone and Happy Thursday!

If you haven’t noticed already I have made a few tweaks to the widget sidebar over there >>>>

And it’s for good reason! Now, you can search the entire blog, you can chat with me and other readers in the chat room, you can follow straight from wordpress, you can log in to wordpress and use other links and you can see the amount of follows I have on both WordPress and by email! It’s it great?!

So, this post is mainly about talking! I love talking with you guess and I love hearing how you’re doing or what you like of my work, so I decided to make a chat room on tlk.io on a channel called lllranting! It’s simple, it’s fun and you can chat on the blog, from the chat room its self on tlk.io/lllranting on a computer and on a phone’s browser!

Now, as you’ll all know, I’m a college student, I have lessons that are back to back (A lesson finishing at 10:40 and another lesson starts straight off at 10:40…) and none of my classes, apart from English and Film (which are next door to each other), are near each other, so as you can expect, speed walking is something I must do to get from one lesson to the next and today, and on several other occasions, I have been walking to class only for a group of students, on their breaks, to crowd the path or walk way and make me need to be rude –

Me “Please move”

Them *doesn’t move*

Me : “Fucking Move, bitches!”

But if they’d listened to me in the first place, they would be okay with me!

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Have a Happy Thursday Everyone!

Talk Soon,

Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX

PS. My chat name is BonkerzBunnie due to my twitter name! ❤