Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

Most of you will know that I live in Yorkshire, England. Especially in the West Yorkshire area that makes me feel rather ashamed and disappointed to be in this county.

The reason? Because West Yorkshire had the most animal cruelty and animal cruelty prosecutions in the country!

As an animal lover and an owner of a Bunny, Minion, it both stuns me and disgusts me that this is happening!

So, what was considered the “worst” animal cruelty case of my county last year?

Well, it was pretty horrific! The RSPCA were called to an allotment where two men were keeping pigs, rabbits and poultry, they found the animals in a state of decay as some were dying while others were dead.

A pig and a rabbit had to be put to sleep to end their suffering due to these men. And what happened to these men? Well, they got prosecuted! Unfortunately, they didn’t get a good enough sentence for my liking, why? Because they only got 10 years banned from keeping pigs, rabbits and poultry! That’s it! What?

If someone tortures a rabbit they should go to prison!

Some people consider children as pets! If we treat people or children like these men did to these animals, we’d be in prison!

So, which city did these men come from?

My city, Leeds, of fucking course!

Why do I say this? Because Leeds is only a good area in the city centre and on the borders, everywhere in between is death to animals if you keep them outside.

An example of this is that my next-door neighbours dog, a Yorkshire terrier, was stolen on Bomb fire night of 2004. So, what happened to the dog? Did they put it on the bomb fire?

Of course not, they could do that with a Rottweiler. A Yorkshire terrier is a small breed; they stole her so that they could put her onto a firework rocket. Yeah, it happened, that night we found a lot of blood and fur on the road around 2 minutes away from the house. And how to we know the remains were hers? Well, probably because her collar was on the path…

It’s horrid and awful and it makes me want to kill people due to my faith in humanity being lost!

I agree with the chief veterinary of the RSPCA, James Yeates, “It is extremely concerning that we are still receiving more than 20,000 complaints about animals being deliberately caused to suffer and that’s 20,000 too many.” And I agree, why? Because animals are domesticated to offer comfort to people, to help the blind, help a child with a disability or disorder to get more confident or to help them have motivation to continue with life!

If someone hurts an animal, whether it is a bunny like Minion, a dog like my mums (She’s called Petal), or a pig like Babe from the film, Babe!

If you hurt an animal you should be arrested, prosecuted properly and never allowed to have animals ever again.

So, if you agree with me please comment below!

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Have a Happy Wednesday!


Holly Gutierrez ❤ XOXOX