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Can Education And Life Live In Harmony? Never
Can Education And Life Live In Harmony?

Now, most of you will probably be in University or past all education and maybe in a workplace! Or some of you will be the same age as me and you’ll be in college or high school! In all of these cases you will most likely have to go through several test, in Education we have to do Exams and in workplaces we have to be monitored occasionally.

All of these are important and we must revise and practice for them which is why we do mock exams.

So, between doing mock exams which you need to revise for, the amount of hours at college/high school/university that is “needed” to get high grades and the need which we have for eating, drinking, socialising, sleeping, working and cleaning… Can we really fit it all in?

Some people take a shower everyday, which for some people is necessary or preferred so that they feel clean, while I only shower ever 2/3 days due to my skin. So, while you spend an hour in the shower/bath each day, I spend an hour and a half in the shower each week due to only being in the shower for thirty minutes, I’m this fast due to my hair only being short and I get showers not baths, I get to do more revision, work or socialising depending on which comes first at 6:30 in the morning.

While some people socialise daily or weekly, I only socialise during college. This is due to being at work when I’m at home, either looking after my parents, writing and producing magazines for you, or revising. So, unless you call talking to your boyfriend socialising, then I can effectively say that I socialise a lot.

Eating, while some of you will eat breakfast, lunch and dinner, I will most likely only eat breakfast and dinner due to not often having time for lunch, whether I am in college or at home. So, between the three hours which people usually spend eating, I only really spend half an hour, this is due to breakfast usually not taking too long to eat.

Drinking happens when it happens unless I don’t have a drink which could be an issue.

Sleeping, we’re supposed to do around 8 hours of this, after we exit the teenage area of our lives… And Teenagers need to do more of it. We, teenagers, are also designed to sleep later at night and sleep in later in the day. Which does not help that we need to get up around 6:30am on school days due to school starting so early in the morning.

Revision, you are supposed to do 2/3 hours of revision per subject per week while in High school. You are supposed to do 4/5 hours a week of revision per subject per week while in College, and if you haven’t noticed, this isn’t going to work!

Everything I have mentioned above is not healthy.

There are only 168 hours in a week.

For teenagers, 84 of these hours should be spent sleeping.

For an average college student that is doing 3/4 subjects, 16 of these hours should be spent revising.

24.6 of these hours should be spent at college.

and then 21 of these hours should be spent eating.

Bathroom, cleaning and other such things takes around 8.8 hours.

Socialising is around 13.65 hours and that’s everything.

So, what if you have a job? Whether you work from home like me, or work at McDonald’s, something is obviously going to be missing from your routine.

And you have three options.

1 – Don’t socialise : this will have an effect on your mental health as we are animals which like company, this is why we date and marry, unlike most animals in the animal kingdom.

2 – Eating and Sleeping : a lot of us go through this phase of not eating enough and not sleeping enough which has a big effect on both physical and mental health. This could lead to anorexia or bulimia, and insomnia. And trust me, you don’t want to be like me.

3 – Stop revising : only revise around 2 hours a week per subject which could lead to you failing your classes.

Now, obviously I do not approve of any of these.

However, if you’re in a situation like I am, I understand what is happening.

My father is disabled and my mother isn’t too good either.

I run this blog which hosts a daily post called “Good Morning, Minion!”, a weekday post, which you are reading now. A post that is done on weekends, Fridays and Wednesdays called “Let’s Rant” and then there is both magazines our “Live, Love, Laugh” monthly and “Quick Fix” weekly.

Now, what do I cut out? Sleeping, eating, socialising outside of college and some revision.

My mental health is getting better, even though my body is degenerating…

So, in my opinion, it’s not possible.

In conclusion, if you don’t revise as much as you should but you revise at least 8 hours out of 16, if you eat all three meals and socialise, even if its two hours a week. Just do not skip food, do not skip over half or revision and don’t skip on sleep… It will not help you in the long run, I promise you that.

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