As most of you will know, this organisation, and specifically myself, supports the LGBT crowd (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community, this also includes Pansexuals and Asexuals). I especially support Transgender, Gay and Lesbian for the following reasons.

(PLEASE READ SO YOU DON’T GET CONFUSED! THANK YOU! ^.^ The following reasons are more about acceptance than hate. I support all sexuality’s equally until it comes to speaking of acceptance because we have had a lot of our readers ask for help and become accepted while being Bisexual/Pansexual while those of Gay/Lesbian and Transgender still seek our help due to not being accepted at all. The “More” is nothing more than a phrase, the amount of more is a lot smaller than you will expect, if you are a first time reader here you will not know that I am a Lesbian but had to be called Bisexual at a time due to my school not allowing homosexuality. I support people who suffer from hate and acceptance, however, there is a smaller amount of unaccepted Bisexual/Pansexual’s than their is of Gay/Lesbian. Our ratio is about, to every unaccepted Bisexual or Pansexual [Of all ages ranging from 15 to 45] there is 5 unaccepted Gay or Lesbian and Transgender that we help. That is the more. We just fight more for acceptance for those that don’t seem to get accepted at all. If you need to know anymore, please comment below, you can continue reading now! Bye ^.^)

1. Transgender –

For reasons unknown to the common minded brain dead human who has no real thinking pattern other than that of a sheep following his shepherd, society, everyone assumes that males should not be allowed to wear dress’ and females should stick to wearing skirts and high heels.

However, these are all influences that society, the shepherd of today’s generation, are forcing upon the weak and closed minded humans which I enjoy calling sheep.

So, I support Transgender people more than Pansexuals, Bisexuals and such a like due to the fact that they are more accepted. While Transgenders get killed hourly, the others do not. I do support Pansexuals and Bisexuals due to having friends of that orientation. But Transgenders are where my heart lies due to the pain that I have seen through friends, transgender deaths and young transgender struggles.

2. Gay and Lesbians –

We all love someone, and loving someone is not a crime. Whether you love a male or female it should be okay and fine to be open about it.

Unfortunately, the sheep also believe this to be inhuman and immoral due to the lacking of being able to reproduce without science, which is a stupid argument due to people like myself, who are in a heterosexual relationship, can’t have kids. So, why does it matter whether you like an innie or an outie when you can’t have kids? Oh yeah, it doesn’t. Some people, all of whom are Heterosexual, have kids only to give them away, abandon them and in some cases set them up for adoption. So, tell me, if we didn’t have as many homosexual couples picking up the pieces after heterosexual scumbags abandon their children, where would the children be?

I support Gay and Lesbian people more than most due to the fact that they can’t date anyone other than those of their gender. And I say they CANT because quite a few Lesbians can’t look at a man naked without feeling sick and some men actually puke when shown a naked women.

So, I support them more due to them mainly being targeted due to clearly being with the same gender while Pansexuals and Bisexuals may be with someone of the opposite gender which makes them seem heterosexual. But as I said before. I support all sexualities. In society I support Gay/Lesbian and Transgender more just because they are targeted a lot more due to more words being against them, and due to people finding it harder to accept them, which is also used towards people who don’t know what Bisexual and Pansexual means…

So, to the real reason that I am writing this article, or the inspiration to this.

There is a little girl called Bella Morgan and her situation. I don’t know how old she is but I’ll guess she is around 8 or 9.

And today, I found a campaign which her mother has begun due to Bella’s father trying to win custody of her. And here’s the catch, Bella is biologically a male, her male name is unknown to my knowledge.

So, as you can imagine, the campaign is called #HerNameIsBella which links to the hashtags of other transgenders, who are unfortunately dead due to family and horrid people. An example is #HerNameIsLeelah.

And before you all question why the fact that she is Transgender is important, it is important due to the fact that her father, who claims to be a Christian (Clearly not because he is not accepting his child for how she is) and he is trying to force Bella to be a male, which I don’t approve of.

This is basically the start of what happened to Leelah and if Bella goes through that due to him getting full custody, I think I will both cry, rage quit life and lose all faith in humanity.

So, if you want to help with the campaign, please go to Help Trans Daughter #hernameisBella!

Donate a pound, £5 or £10! Anything will help them! She only needs $4,000 to complete this!

I will be donate $20, I hope some of you can do the same, even if it is a small amount!

Talk Soon Everyone!


This Post Is About Acceptance And Trying To Help A Little Girl. There Is No Hate Towards Any Orientation, My Audience Just Knows How I Write, If You Can Read Between The Lines In A Quirky Fashion, Give It Another Read. ♥ 

This article is not saying that we support any sexuality any less in cultures, hate movements or being anti of a sexuality.

I only support Gay/Lesbian’s and Transgenders more in the fight of acceptance due to Bisexuals and Pansexuals being more accepted.

However, this “more” is not a great deal, it is nothing life changing. I support more Gay and Lesbian readers who are being penalized due to their orientation and I try and protect and influence as many people as I can on Transgender. The more is only because a lot of my readers, and that of our organisation, come to us with problems either due to their sexuality or mental health, and we have found that to every single Bisexual/Pansexual we help, there are 5 unaccepted Gay/Lesbian and Transgender who we continue to help as they continue to struggle in society.

If you don’t understand something, please ask questions below, I welcome it completely!

Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening and Good Night Everyone ♥