Women and girls, if you’re not below a size 12 in clothing you’ll know what fad diets are.

Between society telling us that we must be skinny yet big breasted, the national health service telling us that we’re all going to die of disease, whether it be obesity or cancer, we’re all going to die if we eat or drink… anything.

So, if you have meat on your bones, whether it be fat or muscle, you’re considered as “fat”, “over-weight” or “obese”.

Myself, I am classed as obese due to being 97kg (15.2 stone/214 pounds). However, I have gotten to a point in my life that I don’t care what people think about my body unless they are important to me. I’m self conscience when Jordan, my partner, looks at my body. I am self conscience when my parents look at me and when friends look at me.

However, people that don’t know me… I’m not bothered anymore. Why? Because I know I’m going to put weight on due to my medication which I can’t stop taking due to illness and there is no alternative medication to the ones I need to be on.

Now, I understand that people want to lose weight, I really do!

However, there are just some diets that aren’t going to work or are just plan stupid.

1. The Baby Food Diet

Baby Food, it is for a specific set of people, the clue is in the name! BABY!

So, why are people eating baby food to lose weight? Well, supposedly, baby food is high in nutrition, which it is which is why we feed our children this mushy shit.

However, for a full working adult… No, it’s not going to work. If you want to eat food that gives you high nutrition, less fat, eat these things called vegetables and meat. They’re high in protein and if you cook them right they will have all their nutrition and less fat.

Just eat healthy food… You don’t have to eat mush!

2. The Dairy Food Diet

Dairy Food! High in Calcium, High in Sugar and High in FAT.

Calcium is good for the body, it strengthens the bones and teeth. Sugar and fat, however, are not good for the body.

If you eat too much cheese you will heighten you cholesterol, put weight on and will probably end up with more bowels than you’d ever expect.

So, why did people think it was a good diet? Because a group of people took calcium pills and lost weight…. then called it a dairy diet… When they weren’t eating dairy at all!

3. Fruitarianism

“Fruit is good for you!” Yeah, it is but it can also cause irritable bowel syndrome if you eat too much.

Fruit is good for you, this is due to the vitamins that you can get out of fruit.

However, just like the Dairy food diet, the food can cause issues with you bowels.

Especially fruit as it is high in critic acid which can rot the gut if you eat too much of it.

So, if you’re trying to lose weight, eat lots of white meat, don’t eat as much red meat due to red meat having more fat in it. Eat a lot of vegetables and eat some fruit.


Try cutting down of crisps, potatos, bread, noodles, pasta and chips.

I say this because if you eat too many carbs but don’t work off the energy they give you, that energy turns into fat as a storage.

This worked a little for me, until I was put on more medication! So it may work for some of you! If you try it and you lose weight, a big amount or a small, just email me at bonkerzbunnieboo@gmail.com or comment below.

I hope this helped some of you.

Talk Soon.