If you’re a PC gamer you’ve most likely played or heard of Minecraft as it is one of the most popular online video games of the century.

And for those that do play, you’ll probably know that servers crash so often that it makes clearing your inventory a lot easier than filling it.

This is due to servers crashing and, evidently, lagging to a point that you lose all the diamonds that you just found along with the magic silk pickaxe that you just found in a Minecraft shaft… Yeah, good luck getting those back.

So, as you can imagine, the fact that a bug is actually the thing which is causing these crashes is probably the most irritating thing ever… Especially because Mojang doesn’t give a single fuck about it and they won’t comment on the subject.

So… You can imagine that I’m not happy, as a gamer that has experienced a lot of these crashes on multiple servers, I hate Mojang for not actually wanting to fix their game and make their own game better for their players to keep them interested…

I guess I’ll just play more of my other games, I honestly can’t be bothered constantly crashing on servers because they won’t fix the bug so I’ll continue playing better games until they decide to get off of their arses and do something about it.


Hope this informed you, and I hope you enjoyed.

Talk Soon.