A Symbol Of Feminism

“Castiel, are you pro feminism? I was wondering because you spoke rather strongly about such topics in your previous post.”

This is a good question and a few people also said this. The question arised from the post “‘Why Did Women Have To Wear Corsets…?’ – Well…”

And I just want to show you a specific singer/songwriter’s definition of Feminism.

Kate Nash – Foundations https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ryH5cga0yUI

Now, I do believe in equality as you will all know. I don’t believe in laws against homosexuality due to my own sexuality. I believe in equality between races, between cultures and ethnicity. I also believe in equality between genders and sexes

Clearly we can’t be completely equal as men will never be able to carry a baby. And I don’t mean carry it in his arms, I mean carry it for the 9 months in which it has to be carried in its mother’s stomach (once again, not the stomach, the womb, it is just to make it simpler to understand). So, if you look at it the same way I do, we’re never going to be equal in gender. Not in all areas anyways.

As women are the ones who carry the child and can feed it, then I believe the women is more dominant, especially in today’s day and age when some women, after spending more time on their career, go to a sperm clinic to find a sperm donor to get them pregnant. Why? Because quite a lot of men don’t want children so when their partner or one night stand turns out to be pregnant, quite a few men will just leave the women and move on with his life. Which is why being a father no longer requires being biological because being a parent definitely doesn’t mean being biological!

What makes a parent is someone who cares for the child and loves them unconditionally and it being biological does not mean that you love your child, it means you’re related to the child.

Other things that won’t be equalised due to some people liking to do something and another not. House work, cooking at home and things as such.

In my house, I hoover, wash up and cook. However, Jordan (My partner) also enjoys cooking, he is okay with hoovering but he doesn’t like washing up due to the sound that happens while you rub a sponge against a plate.

However, I am okay with this sound as long as I don’t have to scrape anything out of a pan with a metal spoon as I hate that sound.

Another thing, I don’t like taking out the trash so Jordan would do that for me.

Now think, taking out the trash is a stereotypical male’s job. Cooking and cleaning is a stereotypical female’s job. But we do these jobs because we enjoy them.

So, feminism won’t happen in households, maybe some things will leak into homes but not everything will be imported into everyday life in a household.

However, I do believe in feminism in working environments!

If a man and a woman has the same job, they should have the same pay. Whether the job is writing, modelling, being a cashier, nurse, doctor, mid-wife and banker. Even in politics men and women of the same pay grade should be paid the exact same!

If a woman can do the same job as a man then she should get the same pay. This goes the other way around also, if a man can do the same job as a woman then he should be paid the same as a woman.

And that is all I have to say on the matter. If you want to ask me anything about this, please comment below and i will reply as soon as possible.

Thank You.