For those who aren’t from Britain, the Grand National is a horse race where a lot of little Irish men race.

Irish being the stereotype which nobody can blame anyone for due to the fact that Irish people are clearly better Jockey’s that English, Scottish and Welsh combined!

I’m not really one for watching the Grand National as at a point, I was training to be in the race.

I was 13 and training to be in the national for this years! I was going to train up a new horse for the event and then train with the horse for the rest of the time and I loved it!

Until I had an accident. As most of you will know, I was bullied a lot at high school and it got so bad that one bully ripped the ligaments and muscles in my left ankle which lead to my entire leg developing arthritis. And due to a riding accident, which happened when I was 10, I had already gotten arthritis in both my back and right leg.

And I also have arthritis in my hands due to both piano and Violin. Along with a lack of sensation in my fingertips due to playing a 2 hour duet on my violin in Primary school.

So, after the final incident, the last piece of the puzzle also developing arthritis… I was screwed…

I had to give up horse riding! Yay…

So, as you can image, I’m not all that keen about watching something which I could have been a part of this year.

But nope! I’m not that lucky!

However, I will say this, Well Done to Many Clouds on their win this year!


And to anyone reading this, who wants to be in the Grand National in the up coming years, Good Luck and Stay Safe out there.