Sex, Menstrual cycle and Nudity, these are all things that society has damned, showing them as dirty and unnatural.

Even though, these are the most natural things in the world. So, why are they seen as unnatural?

Let’s start with Nudity.

Nudity is seen as sin, in some countries it is due to Christianity, such as Britain, the US and most of Europe. This is due to the story of Adam and Eve.

While in the Garden of Eden, they were naked and “pure”. However, once they were kicked out of Eden, they covered themselves due to being embarrassed about their nudity.

This is most likely the main reason that it is seen as unnatural and inappropriate to be naked.

However, children in these countries run around naked until the age of 6. This is because society hasn’t become relevant to them as they are still quite innocent.

In other country, such as Turkey and Iran, it is Islam instead of Christianity that presents us the nudity as being incorrect, immoral and against the religion due to Islam wanting people to dress modestly, mainly females.

And due to the religion teaching people that they have to be modest, that is most likely why nudity is wrong in countries were Islam is a big impact.

However, in some countries, mainly countries in Africa and South America, there are still tribes who are naturally naked and they’re not embarrassed about it. They will wear jewellery and hats and sometimes shoes but they won’t cover up because they are still aware of what is natural and normal.

Now, next topic. Sex.

From an early age we are taught that sex is unclean and wrong. And I’ll agree, sometimes it is unclean because it can make you sweat, obviously you may have excess fluids and stuff such as that. But it’s not wrong. Christianity basically calls Sex a Sin unless there is marriage which is why so many Christians don’t have sex until after they have been married to their partner.

But how can something be wrong when we need to preform it at some point in order to reproduce? “Because if you have a child outside of marriage, it will be a bastard child.”

Well, that’s nice. There are a lot of “bastard” children now. Why? Because there are a lot of teenage pregnancies, and you have to be at least 15 in most countries in Europe to get married.

Also, sex is shown more as wrong in England than any other activity. We do Sex Education and instead of telling us how to stay safe and telling us more methods of being safe, they tell us that we could die if we get a STD or that we could be permanently damaged if we get a STI.

So, yes more people are getting STD’s and STI’s in England because they don’t tell you every method of protection and how it works.

They tell you to use a condom but they don’t tell you how to use it correctly until you’re legal for sex which is ridiculous due to the fact that people are having sex below the legal age. They should teach you how to use it from the age of 13 and tell them other ways of contraception also.

And finally, the menstrual cycle.

It is seen as impure and disgusting even though, like Sex, it is used to reproduce.

However, people see it as dirt due to the blood.

But then in come cultures that blood is seen as holy due to its use in reproduction.

And that’s why these three things are looked down upon. Because of religion influencing culture, education and more.

These three things may be seen as the three most unnatural things in the world, but honestly, they’re not. They’re natural and shouldn’t make people embarrassed.