If you’re a gamer, you’ll have most likely come across, heard or played a Bioshock game.

There are three main games in the Bioshock series.

Bioshock, Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite.


Now, to those who don’t know what Bioshock is about… basically it is a first person shooter that takes place in several different time zones.

The three games are connected.

I do know more about Bioshock Infinite than the first and second game due to playing it more times than the others.

I haven’t played Bioshock 1 since it came out… (which was 2007 0.0 )

So, I’ll tell you the sort of plot.

The year is 1912, you play as Booker DeWitt. You sold your daughter Anna when she was one year old, her mother, Annabelle Watson is dead. You sold Anna in the year 1895.

In 1912, you are sent to a floating city called “Colombia”, which is ruled by a “Prophet” called “Comstock”, to retrieve a girl called “Elizabeth”.

Elizabeth was locked in a tower by her “Mother” who is known as The First Lady.

However, while DeWitt has to try and Kidnap Elizabeth, he also has to attempt to not get killed by Comstock’s men. This is due to DeWitt being called the “False Shepherd” to Comstock’s “Lamb” which is Elizabeth…

So, you getting to Elizabeth is hard, but you do it… eventually!


Along the way, you help The Vox Populi, who is lead by the Comstock equivalent (Which you don’t know until further on within the game when she, Daisy, the leader, attempts to kill Fink’s son), Daisy Fitzroy.

You get helped by Elizabeth on the way as she picks locks, give you ammo, money and salts for your vigors.

Vigors are “abilities” that you drink and then are powered by the amount of salts you have.

Throughout the game you learn more about Elizabeth and Booker, only to find that Elizabeth is Anna, the daughter Booker sold…. To himself… Because Comstock is also Booker.

Just Like Elizabeth also being Anna.


It’s a story that is both beautiful and confusing!

But there is a DLC to the game, called “Burial at Sea”.

If you want to pay £12 per episode (There are two episodes), then fair enough. However, I recommend getting the season pass, which is only £15/£16 I believe.


I hope this helped some of you with the story line of the game.

If you listen to all the audio logs you learn more!

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