The answer is simple. No.

Why? For the simple reason that it is too sensitive.

I bought one today due to my recording microphone breaking and I played “Murdered: Soul Suspect” only to find that the microphone picked up my mother’s conversation with my 2 year old nephew…. From the living room…. On the other side of the house… on the floor below…

It’s good if you enjoy your computer fans being picked up in the background of recording….

Or if you want your next door neighbours toilet being in your recording/interview/podcast or in your skype call.

But honestly, I don’t know which microphone I recommend!

I am buying another microphone soon, which will have a shockmount and a pop filter, due to buy a podcast pack (Mic, headphones, shockmount, stand and pop filter).

So, depending on which one I buy, due to their being three to choose from. I will do a review on that one soon.


I hope this helps some of you with your choice on the Blue Yeti… If your room is soundproof and you can afford to buy the Blue Yeti Shockmount and you can afford to buy the stand for it also, buy it, the controls on it are great (other than the setting one being a little hard to turn).

However, for the money, it isn’t as good as it should be!

It’s supposed to be professional but it’s not compared to others that I have used.


Anyways, I hope this helped. I know it’s hard to decide when it comes to microphones.

Thanks for reading!