Mental Health is not a disease, it’s nothing to worry about unless you can’t control your mind.

By controlling you thoughts you can forget about things and remember others. However, these things are a lot harder to control if your mental health is bad.

Personally, I’ve suffered with Mental Health, from the age of 7 until recently (My mental state is still bad on occasion but is getting better with the support which I get from my partner). And even though that all the signs of my depression, anxiety and insomnia was there, nobody noticed.

This is because I hid it from my parents and friends. However, the signs were still visible but nobody seemed to care. Why? Because :

“Young people don’t know what depression is. They’re so pathetic. With all the things they have access to, how can they be sad?!”

Well, that’s complete and utter bollocks. Why? Because depression effects EVERY age. Not just people in their 40’s! What would be classed as Young anyway?

Young Child : 1-6 years old

Child : 7-12 years old

Young Teen : 13-16 years old

Late Teen : 17-19 years old

Young Adult : 20-26 years old.


All these ages are classed as “Young”. But people as young as 15 can be diagnosed as “Postnatal depressed” due to the height of Teen pregnancy.

Young people from the age of 5-15 years old are being bullied into anorexia, bulimia, depression, self harm, anxiety and more!

Are they too young to suffer from this? Yes. Why? Because they “SHOULD” be happy!

You can’t just give someone a computer, phone or laptop and tell them to be happy! That isn’t why people are depressed.

People go through depression due to the influences in which are shown to them;

Parents, Friends, Bullies. Everything you do with or to someone is an influences.


So, why am I talking about this? Because the NHS, Nation Health Service for Britain, has finally decided to help more children!

Why? Because the amount of children with mental health problems being rushed into casualty units have doubled in the past 5 years!

They finally doing something about it because they’ve realised that Mental Illness basically means that the person is broken on the inside which is why they hurt themselves on the outside by self harming and attempting suicide.

And honestly, with a world as corrupt as this one, can you honestly blame them?

We’re allowed to be bullied in schools because the teachers can’t punish the bullies and sometimes teachers just won’t bother to stop the bullies at all.

Parents are allowed to tell their children that Homophobia and Racism is okay.

Which then puts pressure on the child! How?

What happens if that child becomes a homosexual? It’s not a choice, it happens against our will, we just want to love someone!

What happens if that child makes friends with a person of a different Ethnicity and Race? They can’t have that friend go over to their house because their parents are racist.


We allow all of these things, but it shouldn’t be allowed.

I’m not saying people should be allowed to beat their children. I’m saying children should be punished and taught the difference between wrong and right.


Not everyone has to have gone through a World War to know what depression is.

Not everyone has to have a job to know what anxiety is.

Not everyone has to go through these things.


If we changed the system we’d be able to save more children, young people and prepare them for the hell that is the world after Education is over.

Why don’t we teach children about Depression, Anxiety, Anorexia and Bulimia and other mental illness’?

If we teach them about it maybe less of them will be affected by it due to a lower level of bullies?

Or punish children to make it easier for people who are automatically judged and discriminated.

I was discriminated due to my weight, my weight was brought on due to my mental health and physical health.

I father is discriminated due to being disabled, meaning he is not fit to walk on most days. But the NHS are still suggesting that he should be able to exercise. Which he can’t do due to the Ghost operation which the NHS did on him, leaving him disabled.


The NHS is flawed,

The School System is flawed,

The world is beyond flawed….


We need to make changes to save more lives.

If we don’t, you may be the next person to lose a friend/relative to suicide.

Age Does Not Matter.