Sexuality is strange to some people but mine is even stranger. I identify as a Lesbian due to my love for the female body even though I’m with a male partner.

I explain it more in the story.

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“The following is the inner dialogue of Rose Gutierrez.


“What is Sexuality? It is a label.

You are labelled as a specific sexuality due to your general interests and likes.

I am labelled as a Lesbian due to my love for the female body.

What is Love?

Love is an emotion and it is an action. It can be both unexpected and gender free to people who are open-minded.

Do I call myself “Lesbian”? No.

Why? Because I don’t need a label to know which gender I am attracted to.

Am I with a female partner now? No.

Why? Because Love is unexpected.

It is proven that some people, that prefer a specific gender, don’t always fall for a member of that gender.

I am an example of this. I am “Lesbian” due to my liking of women but I have been called “Bisexual” due to my current partner being male.

Now, listen. Bisexual means you like two genders. I do not like two, I like one gender. I’m in love with a man. Not men, not the gender. Just one man.

I love my fiancé. I love him for his personality and his body. His Body.

I like women, I like the body of women. Breasts, hips, the ‘natural’ curves that females often have.

Men, there is nothing that appeals to me.

They have no waist, they have a more prominent bone structure and usually have short, disgusting haircuts.

My partner is feminine in his structure. He has hips, he has a waist and his facial features are both masculine and feminine.

I first found him attractive through his personality. I love his passion for gaming and working, being funny is one of his specialties.

Yes, he doesn’t have the “correct” reproductive organs to be with me due to my label being “Lesbian”, but I don’t care.

“You’re not a Lesbian! You’re with a guy! That means that you’re Bisexual.”

No, I’m in love with A man, one, not the gender.

If I must be labelled for my love of women, then so be it. I’m proud of being a Lesbian.

And I’m ever prouder of being with my partner.””

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