Easter is a special time for a lot of small children.

Why? Because it’s the surprise that kids love. Going into their gardens and through their house and trying to find the colourful little eggs that represent Easter.

And now, everyone is talking about “Health and Safety”… Really? You’ve already make marbles and conkers a dangerous sport, don’t make egg hunting one too!

“If you dye your boiled eggs and then place them in an refrigerated area for too long, your child could get salmonella!”

I’m  calling bullshit on this!

Why? Because Eggs do not need to be refrigerated! I used to take boiled eggs to school with me and shell them in school. On many occasion I left them in the sun.

I’d understand the salmonella scare…. If we were talking about Chicken!

Eggs can be left out of the fridge! It’s been proven! And that’s when they’re raw!

As long as you don’t play hide and seek with your RAW eggs, your child isn’t going to get food poisoning!

Also, do you think bakery’s would still be open if they poisoned all of their customers?

Yes, most bakery’s keep their eggs at room temperature because they believe it binds with ingredient better! And honestly, I agree! Why? Because when you put something, like an egg, in the fridge that is fairly thick in liquid form, when you cool something down it becomes even thicker! Why do you think Milkshakes are thicker when they’ve been refrigerated?

Now, I understand that keeping eggs, boiled or raw, in the sun is probably not the best, they will go off pretty quickly just like any food. However, the whole point of the Hunt is to have the eggs hidden!

Don’t leave them out in the sun. You don’t need to refrigerate eggs, scientists have already proven this! They studied two batches of eggs, kept one at “room temperature” which fluctuates a lot. And another below 20c.

They ran tests to find which ones lasted longer and tested for the harmful nasties that we associate with eggs and after two weeks both batches were Salmonella free, E-coli free and was just free of nasty bacteria in general!

They were both perfectly fine! If you want to read more on this test got to The Daily Mail, yes the article is from a while ago! Almost 2 years, but the facts are still the same! That’s like saying that Africans weren’t enslaved because it’s no longer 1803. It is still a fact, it is still a part of history and it is still something that happened. And weirdly enough, slavery still happens in these “beautiful” 1st world countries of ours….

Now, remember what Easter is really about!

And for the strange people in the world who haven’t experienced Hot Cross Buns (I’m only joking! I love you really! ❤ )

And no, I’m talking about religion. Although I am happy that, even though most of England is now Atheists, Easter is still a holiday that happens! Why? Because Hot Cross Buns, that’s why!

Have a great Easter and week leading up to it!

Have a good night.