“Sometimes people cheat on the people they love with people they don’t care about.”
By having sex with someone you end up with an emotional and mental response unless you pay.
If you pay someone for sex you don’t feel the emotional response due to having to give something to get something while if you just have sex with someone you think is attractive you get the emotional response making it more clear that you felt more than you actually thought.

So, why do people cheat?
– They’re unhappy
– They fell for someone else
– They dont like you as much as they said.

How can you advoid cheating? And being cheated on?

– Communicate. If you have feelings for someone, talk to your partner about it instead of going behind their back.
– Talk, hug and continue acting how you did when you first got together.

Like I said, it’s simple.

If you love someone you shouldnt hurt them in such an idiotic way.

Don’t hurt the one you love and, hopefully, they won’t hurt you.