1. “You shouldn’t eat before you sleep.”
2. “All children get hyper after they have sugar.”

No. Shut up, don’t listen to this.

1. People say “Don’t eat before you sleep because you wont burn off the calories.” and its Bullshit! You sleep, breath and your organs continue working too.
Which means that you burn off calories while sleeping!

By sleeping, for each pound that you weigh, per minute, you burn 0.5 calories. Yes, it doesn’t sound like much! But if you add that up, if you sleep for the recommended 8 hours, and say you’re the average weight for someone who lives in the uk, which is 154 pounds, then times 0.5 by 154 which is 77 and then times that by the amount of hours, my example is 8, 77 times by 8 is 616.

So, on average with my weird sleeping pattern, I could burn from 852 calories while sleeping right up to 1491 calories….

And thats without the miles I work at college and otherwise!

2. I am no mother. I have never physically had a child. However, I know this for a fact. Not All Children Get Hyper!

I am one of the children that never got hyper until I drunk too much Orange Juice! Yeah, you read correctly. I got hyper on natural sugars. Coffee, put me to sleep and still does; Chocolate, not all that keen due to not liking the taste; and candy… I don’t like anything other than Starburst and Haribo. But if I speak honestly, I only get hyper on natural sugars. Give me something that is naturally high in sugar and I’ll turn into the BonkerzBunnieBoo everyone knows me as!

Honestly, I think these two things are ridiculous and people should shut the fuck up.

There, I said it! Someone had to!

So, the next time you laugh at a hibernating grizzly bear, just remember, that bear is going to wake up with a better figure than any of us can probably get, why? Because we’re addicted to staying awake for too long!

Hibernate for a week and watch the pounds fall off 😉

Thanks for reading!

have a great weekend!