As some of you will know, I enjoy writing and I study English Literature.

So, I thought I’d write this for you – I got inspiration from a creepypasta, I just put it into a context.

I wrote it to challenge whether or not people who are set on trying to commit suicide should be saved or not.


Overview –

Main character: Cassie Gutierrez (However, due to her insanity/Dream state, she doens’t know this.)

She had attmempted to commit suicide and failed, being left in a coma for a year and her mind made a perfect world for her taking in names and occational faces she had seen and making them apart of her world.

Sample –

I lost everyone, my parents and siblings, and I was close to death; until she came into my life.

I was 18 when I lost them; it felt like my heart had been ripped out. I was moved into my aunt’s house so that I had somewhere to live until I was old enough to inherit my house… Only a year to wait… I can remember thinking through the entire day of school after it happened that I was going to die, kill myself, but then she appeared and changed everything. Robin was the new girl in school and she befriended me, right from the start.

And now, I’m sat next to my husband with my child asleep in the room next door and Robin and her husband sat opposite me as we have our first meal together, introducing my husband to Robin and her husband and talking about work. However, throughout the meal my husband made confused looks to Robin. And at the end of the night, my husband refused to shake Robin’s hand… I didn’t understand. After Robin and her husband left, my baby started crying. I sigh, “I’ll go settle him, sweetheart.” I tell him, he smiles and nods before leaving. I cradled my little boy all night, kissing his head, rocking his slowly until he fell asleep; but then I had to work.

I work in a hospital with Robin, we’re both mental illness and brain doctors. As I walk into the secure ward, someone was shouting, one of the patients was my initial guess, only to find that I was right but then I saw Robin on the floor injured. “Robin, what’s happened?” I ask.

She chuckles, “it was Cassie Gutierrez, she got loose,” she pauses, “I’m okay, don’t worry.” She tells me, I nod and help her up.
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