Mother’s Day is seen as important.
Although, I, once again, don’t see the point of Mother’s day, Father’s Day just like I dont see the point in Valentines Day. Why? Because you should love them no matter the day.

So, what else do I not enjoy about today? Siblings.
I’m perfectly fine, for obvious reasons, for my brother to get cards for my mum on Mother’s day. However, I dont find it fair that my sibling is allowed to get her a massive card, which most likely cost a bomb, against the tiniest card that I could barely afford….

I understand he loves her because he is a mummy’s boy due to constantly arguing with my dad…. But c’mon! I can’t afford that!

Look at them!


Mine is basically me, the leprechaun of the family…
(Even though I’m not from an Irish Family, I’m from a Scottish Family which means I’m technically a miniature Unicorn.)

But seriously? Why couldn’t they just get normal size cards? Me size cards?

But no. And now, I’m curious!

If you’re an only child do you get your mum a card and some money and thats it? Or just a card?
Or are you a kid with siblings and do you work with your siblings to get the card and gifts or do you have the same issue as me?

Comment below, I’d like to know what you think.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!