You’ll probably understand the struggle of being a student and not being able to see correctly. I, for one, do understand this issue, and finally in Utah and Nevada, someone is doing something about it.

Joseph Carbone, a train optician, has left his business to start “Eye Care 4 Kids”.

Since 2001, the non-profit organization has given sight to over 100,000 children in the area! And honestly, I’m shocked that nobody has thought of this before… And the fact that this has actually happened! It makes me feel warm inside because things like this don’t happen often! Someone is actually helping the poor, not for money, just because he wants to and he sees an opportunity to help!

Carbone helping a client. And isn’t that little guy cute? ^.^ Click the image for the original article ❤

After all, being an optician is a good job and you usually get quite a high pay for it because it’s sort of being an “Eye Doctor”… Which he left, all the money, for the kindness in which he has then helped people with, giving poor family children clear eye sight!

And honestly, it’s beautiful. I love this guy and I hope him all the best and I hope that he continues his work and for people to support him on his decision.

But what I want to know is what your opinions on this are? What do you want to see next and what subject would you like me to cover?

Thanks for reading, have a good day.