David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain, has decided to open 49 new schools this year, with a further 450 to open in the next 5 years.

Now, please, can someone just question, why?

Oh Yeah, that’s my job! I’m questioning why because it is probably one of the biggest wastes of money I have heard of apart from the speed train he has attempted to start building that nobody will be able to afford!

So, why build new schools… “Parent’s are finding it hard to get their children into good schools.” Good Schools? So there are Bad schools? Why don’t you use the money to improve the ‘Bad Schools’? Or try making schools bigger?

I say this because if you haven’t realised, most schools have a “PE” area… And a sports field. Why don’t you just use the PE area for PE and then use the sports field for… I don’t know…. To Make The School Bigger? Instead of selling the sports field to the council to build houses… We have enough houses! We just can’t afford to buy them because you’re wasting money on making more “Good” yet small schools.

I don’t know about everyone but I have lived in three locations. The first location had a “Good” primary school that was and still is huge and two very ‘Good’ high school that were four times bigger than the primary school! In my second location there was two primary schools and 3 high schools, all of which were “Good” and big!

And my final location in which I live now, there are 5 primary school, all of them are small apart from one which I went to and they’re all “Good” schools. And high schools, there are 3 in my area and beyond those are other that send buses through most roots to the schools. And guess what, They Are All Good Schools!

So, why do we need more “Good” schools? If there are “Bad” schools, shouldn’t the money be put into them to make them better? So they are also a “Good” school? Or maybe enlarge the small “Good” schools… Why waste money making loads of little schools when you can just make bad ones better and current small ones bigger? I understand that to build these extensions, which I am suggesting, the schools will have to be closed, but they could do the extension over summer. If they paid people more than minimum wage to build and supply them with the equipment, they will finish the extensions in time for summer to be over and students to come back.

How do I know this? Because I’ve seen how fast builders can build when they’re paid the right amount. A brick house extension, with central heating, air conditioning and sound proofing, and a bay window; it took them a week! If they can do a 6×4 metre extension in a week, which is the equivalent of a good size classroom, a team of builders, electricians and painters can get a four room extension done in a month and a half… 6 weeks for 4 rooms, it is possible! And if that can’t happen, we have enough technology today to find a place to teach students if they can’t go to the schools.

But do we really need More schools? No. Why? Because we can use the money to help people, make schools bigger or improve the bad.

Don’t make more of something that we have enough of.

Now, two questions: What do you think about Cameron’s suggestion and what do you think about mine?

Secondly: Will someone please remind me to home school my children?


Have a Good Night.