“Why did women have to wear corsets in the old days where they weren’t allowed to wear trousers?”
Well, mainly because women were used as objects for pleasure and to populate.
Annette R Federico said that “Defining themselves as angel-women or as monster-women.” Which, in essense, means that women were either “Wild” or how most women act these days or they’re “Domestic” like a stay at me mother who loves her, most likely, cheating husband.
Domestic women were seen as angels which are almost extinct now because they know that they can cheat and not get arrested for it, unlike back in the old days of Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre.
Although, back in those days it was more common for women to be faithful, unlike Wuthering Heights when Catherine Earnshaw (After Marrying Edger Linton), cheated on him with Heathcliff… and then Heathcliff married Catherine’s Sister-In-Law, Isabella Linton… Who then gave birth to Linton Heathcliff and then Catherine gave birth to Cathy and died and then Cathy married Linton, which is Heathcliff’s son and also Cathy’s cousin…
Confused yet?
So, women mainly dressed in dresses and corsets because not wearing these things were like going out naked in our time. However, going out in public naked is illegal while women back in those days would just be beaten by their using, uncaring husbands.
Women wore corsets, however, only if they were rich, because they were expensive to make, and still are, and they, the women, had to stay “fit” or skinny for their husband and their families so that they looked like their “Status” or “Class” or “Worth” or like the posh bastards they were thinking they were better than someone because they died quicker and got to sleep more!
Thats the difference between the rich and the poor. If you’re not doing anything all day but listening to music (This is back in the 1800’s) then you’re not going to be as strong as a farmer who has to plow… By Himself!
And that is my thought of the matter and what I have learnt while analysing Wuthering Heights.
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