will probably know that less than 50 years ago, Gay relationships were frowned upon. And even if you were an extremely famous, hero figure, you could not hide from the “Gross Indecency” conviction.

Alan Turing was a Code Breaker who worked for the Allied forces during world war two and he saved millions from doing so.

He was awarded an OBE and many other awards for his services. However, in 1952 he began a relationship with another man, also known as Arnold Murray. They were convicted of “Gross Indecency” due to this relationship. It wasn’t being Mr. Murray was 19 and Turing was 39… It was because they were homosexuals… The law that they convicted them under was created in 1885, which, after so long, you think they would have re-thought due to all the other changes, but no. They were convicted and Turing was then unable to continue his work and two years later, in 1954, he was found in his home, dead due to cyanide poisoning.

They believed he had committed suicide and in all honesty, I wouldn’t blame him. If I had been arrested for loving another person, I would have done it too.

So, later after he had passed, he was pardoned for his “Gross Indecency”. However, people believe this is unfair.

The gay community of Manchester are attempting to get Gay Conviction destroyed, from the past and the future as it is unfair to only pardon one out of many. Ed Miliband, from the Labour Party in the UK, has pledged to legalise it so that relatives of the deceased can apply to get this conviction removed from their relatives documents. And honestly, I can’t blame them. Most of the men convicted had fought in the first or second world war and considering that they fought for us… Only for them to be made out to be criminals, it’s wrong and honestly, I am all for this to be legalised! Why? Because it’s not something that you want your future grandchildren to see, “Your great, great, great grandfather fought in the first world war… And then they sentenced him to a year of prison for falling in love with another man.” No, I completely agree with everyone who is saying this is only fair. The law will be named after Alan Turing, Turing Law, which I think is only right!

But, I want to know what you think about this!

What are your opinions on the stupidity of our ancestors? I understand convicting a man for killing another man, but for loving another man? No.

Comment below your opinions, like for more and follow and share to get the word around about this! I want this to be discussed more!

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