Hello everyone and welcome to the final “Happy Days” article on this page!

It is a Happy Friday as it is time to stay up late and sleep in tomorrow morning which, honestly, I can’t wait for! It’s going to be so great!I have been so tired all week and sleeping in on a morning is the greatest feeling for me!

Right, obviously as this is the last Happy Days we need to know when everything is going to be happening and what is going to be happening!

So, I will be posting on article 3 or 4 times a week unless you want me to do more! Do you want me to rant about the news and stuff that is happening…. 7 days a week? Or just Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays? Tell me what you want! After all, this is all for you and I want this to be both entertaining and effective for your time, like writing short articles 7 days a week, long articles 7 days a week, short articles 4 times a week or long articles 4 times a week? What would you like?

I will be revising more for college soon so a lot of my rants may be education related due to the shitty school system that we have in England… Like… Really! If you’re in the school system in England or anywhere in the UK, you’ll know what I’m talking about and you’ll probably know who BoyInABand is! If you don’t, listen to his song “Don’t Stay In School” and before anyone comments “He’s telling people to drop out of education…” He’s not, listen to the songs like we have to listen to your shitty dubstep and crappy pop music. After all… His last line is “And Insist these pointless things, Don’t Stay In School.” Which I agree with!

If you want me to I’ll explain why more in an article because my area for this month’s magazine, which was about the topic, was shortened due to the lack of advertisements….


Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this article, if you did please follow Happy Days for the new and improved articles on it’s own blog! and if you enjoy and want to listen to more of my little rants, comment below, follow this blog and tell me how you want my timetable to be for this blog!


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