Hello and Happy Monday!
So, today I did the stupid thing of almost putting my toaster in a sink full of water… Why? I don’t know…
So, I thought why not tell you the clearly obvious, 10 thing’s not to do!
1. Don’t put a toaster in ANY water, whether it be a sink or a bathtub.
2. Don’t put pencils up your nose and then wack your head on the desk/work surface.
3. Don’t dance on top of a moving car.
4. Don’t stand be hide a horse and then hit its butt.
5. Don’t kick a dog in the face and expect it not to bite your face.
6. Don’t try and be a superhero by jumping off a building to see if you can get the pair of shoes off the powerline.
7. Don’t climb a tree and hit a powerline with a metal pole.
8. Don’t put a pen/fork/knife in a plug socket.
9. Don’t try to eat a bee.
And finally, 10. Don’t just stop walking on a path in front of me! I’ll hit you, bitch! 😉

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Holly Gutierrez