Hello Everyone and Happy Friday!
So, I was wondering… I’ve been writing these articles for almost a year…. And not one of them have been happy in the past 5 months!
I’m sorry about that, I’ve been either funny or just depressing, I dont know if you’ve noticed or not but I honestly can’t help it! I just like ranting, I guess!
Just like ranting about “Don’t kill a transwoman week”… I didn’t know this was a thing…. But apparently a transwoman is murdered every 29 hours…. Which I find disturbing and disgusting… The fact we need a week to stop it…. It’s ridiculous!
If you dont know what a transwoman is, it’s a male who wants to be labelled as a woman.
There are many phrases for this like Transgenders, Transexual and Transvestite…
So, why are they being killed?
I don’t know… Maybe because in the bible it says that a man cant wear a womans clothing and a woman cant wear a mans…
Which is ridiculous because women have now been wearing trousers for a while and dresses were originally made for men…
What makes a dress feminine? Our minds.
What makes a suit masculine?
Our minds.
Either gender should be allpwed to wear anything…
Whats the point in all the hate… It’s pathetic.

So, my question of the day is, what’s your opinion on Transgender people and what do you feel about how many people dying and nobody hearing about it because nobody seems to care?

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Thanks for reading,
Talk soon,

Holly Gutierrez