Hello Everyone and Happy Wednesday!

So, you all know… I hate stupid people! I understand people have stupid moments, I am one of those people, but I hate the people that are just completely idiotic and sound like they need to go back to primary school! Or just get put into a hospital!

Most of you will know about the stunt that some people made saying that “Stupidity is an illness” and a woman, who was told about it, said “I hope they make a vaccine quickly! I don’t want to catch it!”

Too Late…

You see, stupid people syndrome is not a disease, if it’s anything, its a mental illness. I have a friend who is the child of a couple of doctors… but he’s still pretty dumb! Like… Literally! He walked into a parked car and screamed at it, “I’m calling the police for your dangerous driving!” This was in front of a lot of people… And then he had the realisation, after shouting as loud as he could, that he’d just walked into a parked car, only to say “Fuck Me” and get a £50 fine for two reasons,

1. He shouted it extremely loud.

2. We were in one of the villages that doesn’t allow freedom of cursing!

And finally, another stupid moment. Emily, who I go to college with, met a guy when we were on the NCS course and… lets just say, it didn’t go down too well when she broke up with his stupid ass… She broke up with him due to his stupidity, annoyance and due to the fact that he liked Weed more than her!

He stalked her for 3 months after the break up and then he decided to message me yesterday!

Yay? No I hate him and during NCS, it was clear he hated me. So, he messaged me saying “Helli”… I’m just going to assume from my stupidity detector that he was attempting to spell ‘Hello’ which he is clearly incapable of doing.

I said, “Goodbye”. Why? Because I knew I’d get abuse off him if I actually engaged in the conversation, which I got anyway when he asked my what I’ve been up to and I said, “I don’t want to talk to you, Nathan” and he then replied with, “I don’t care ur fat and ugly and u have body oder”… How stupid can someone actually be? His chav language annoys me so much… Plus, why is he pointing two obvious’ out and then to point out something that is far from true! Honestly, I don’t know where he was smelling but I smell like coconut due to showing DAILY! I don’t wash my hair everyday due to not wanting my hair to die…. But c’mon… Is that the best insult you have?

So, I’m curious! If you were insulted like this, how would you respond?

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Holly Gutierrez